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Four new ThoughtCriminals jams deftly walking the line between traditional hiphop and noise rap.

First promo vid is up now at youtube.com/thinkcriminally


released December 9, 2014

Produced by Mikal kHill (1-3) & cecilnick (4).
Additional post-production by cecilnick.
Raps by Mikal kHill & Sulfur.

Recorded at the HOUSE OF KHRACK.

kHill & Sulfur will return in 2015.



all rights reserved


The ThoughtCriminals Charlotte, North Carolina

Mikal kHill & Sulfur. Charlotte, NC. Nerdcore & indie hip-hop.

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Track Name: smooth.
awww man good lookin, tryin to see clearer
wakin up, starin at myself in the mirror
well, what can i say, it feels good to be me
the secret's in the number of fucks i give you see
and you can't count 'em , but it won't take long
i keep about as cool as superman does strong
It ain't long, cheech and chong , blaze the beat
until everybody knows my name out in the streets
like, (((whaddup sulfur, how you doin today?)))
so good the bums went bought me E&J
with a kind of sway, a little drunk for lunch time
good thing keepin awesome is my grind
and i'm half a mind to give you my two cents
a penny for your thoughts, both of mine are get bent
i meant, at least if you on some other team
cause mine like freddy, yours just a dream

[Incredibly baller xylophone solo]

Hey, whaddup ya'll
yeah, that's right we're back
with a bunch of padlocks in their own individual sacks
a bunch of jaws to crack
live, it's dr. khill
snare snaps and face slaps
bout to get real ill
interviewers asking when we'd do new tracks
already told you motherfuckers we would be right back
we had some shit to do
it's just a matter a time
since like 2011 on that diamond mine grind
I step through the fog, the motherfucking boss hog
struggling just to walk because of the sheer weight of my balls
fuck all of the pigs all across the nation
kids asking me for beats but can't provide renumeration
that means they can't pay me
in case you didn't know
original thoughtcriminals with that golden glow
12 herb rotisserie flow
leave you sucker motherfuckers standing there
looking silly in your jordash like 'oh no.'
Track Name: rough.
Creaking floorboards. Sagging ceiling
graffiti on the wall that's like fuck your feelings
leave you reeling
the realest who ever did it
rip my mask off like reptile vile venom that i'm spitting

lookin like a kitten bullshittin in the lions den
what the fuck you thinkin, we were some kind of friends
better check the lens, the picture’s all wrong
acting bananas, this here is king kong

acting real bitter, yeah, life can make you regret shit
you wasn't a go getter and nobody was going to help you ever get it
i don't talk it i live it
whatever it might be
from the way i make my beats to the way i buy my fucking groceries

hey kHill, we need a cleanup, aisle 3
this one here was a bleeder yo, just wait and see
you wanna step to a g in the cereal isle?
slapping your face in to the fucking floor tile

Fire is catching.
This is what they do.
If we burn
You burn with us.

these teleprompter Christians paint an ugly picture
while they sing praises to a devil and pile his tribute ever bigger
they say god bless and keep an attitude so fucking vicious
and wonder why i would never for a second turn religious

intellectual scrimmage, what the brain maintain
and the game they claim to make sense of insane
what no part, mario kart, rap game blue shell
not ready to go home, save the go to hell
no one else s fault you never evolved past the point
where you 'd ever philosophize without holding a joint
well let me tell you brother, there's a bigger piece i'm gonna want
we're an army of ghosts leasing a dilapidated house that we haunt

we taunt anyone that step up to the bar
don’t need to flaunt stupid bullshit like a car
just ten knuckles and a fuck you belt buckle
gouge eyeballs with middle fingers for the chuckle
Track Name: fire.
below the surface, where it's worthless to give purpose to parlor tricks
ignored by politicians, leeches and the other ticks
sometimes there's no fix, you just gotta burn it down
to the ground, let the ringin of they sirens be the sound
of freedom, cause we need 'em like we need a bad joke
manmade disease, or the bodies of kinfolk
and i ain't kiddin when i'm spittin grandfather a vet
lost a son to agent orange, yea, it seem a bad bet
the odds always against us, trust we bust anyway
what else can I do, keep it true, till ya dying day
duck and stray or fade away, what else can i really say
if it's them or us, it's a must, they gon have to pay
when you lay me down, at the end of my time
gather up the ashes, not a box made of pine, and find
the nearest government building to ignite
cause the fire that we light ain't extinguished tonight (NEVER)

Everybody looks the same on fire.

lately i been feeling like i can't sleep
waking up to reality, it seems we can't breathe
doubleplusbad motives feeling ever more hopeless
off come the blinders they tell us to learn to cope
so quickly it can all go in a puff of smoke
that unseen hand of authority holding on your throat
whether it's a hoodie or a browncoat, let the pigs know
we can see you, and at the end of hte daywe always side with the people.
disobedience is a must until the field is equal
black lives matter it don't matter how you feel
derailing the whole topic like WHAT ABOUT ME
with some sideways comments on a facebookf eed
educate yourself about the meaning of privledge
advance the movement of by wielding and subverting it
say something, scream something, break something if you must
we won't represent a system that doesn't represent all of us.
Track Name: water.
Breaking broken bashed back to the background
shared horror and a sickening soft sound
It's the beginning of an abrupt ending
an evening we hadn't planned
hovering in the sky above a missed mark where we knew we'd never land

the signal was lost, whatever the cost, we gather no moss
tossed overboard, before accepting overlords
no correcting the data stored, bored racking up what they can’t afford
they wanna come up and test mine, divine, know you’re about to get company lord

and I feel like i'm already drowning.

You're a stone that can't wait to sink
you're a sword that can't wait to drink
you're nothing outside of the hand already holding you
you crumpled easily that's why they stick to folding you

snuggled back into a lies cold embrace
it's not real, but at least it reminds you of the taste

it’s a waste to trace around the lips that drip venom
i never had nightmares, i been ‘em, but in ‘em, i’m spinnin
right and wrong, weak and strong, like shattered mirrors
lines unwindin, reflection get no clearer
and they wanna act like there’s reason to hope
while simultaneously extinguishing the way that i cope
little rope, keep it tight, cause i was never a slacker
with a live video feed for Kickstarter backers

You're a stone that can't wait to sink
you're a sword that can't wait to drink
you're nothing outside of the hand already holding you
you crumpled easily that's why they stick to folding you

you're a stone that can't wait to fly
you're a spark ready to start a fire
you're everything inside a cage incapable of holding you
all the heat, pressure and time was really only molding you.

standing up into the sky fist first
raise your cup it's finally time to slake your thirst.